Tianzhushan —UNESCO Global Geopark, AFamous Chinese Cultural Mountain

In the beautiful and ancient China, in the magical 300 north latitude, there is a mountain with the peak holding up the sun and the moon. It is famous all over the world, and it is the hometown of stars and clouds. This is the UNESCO Global Geopark, a famous Chinese cultural mountain, one of the first batch of key scenic areas in China, and a AAAAA tourist attraction — Anhui Tianzhushan.

Tianzhushan is a famous scenic mountain where the most beautiful granite landscape shows the eternal charm of oriental aesthetics. Here the peaks are majestic, grandiose and precipitous, the mountains are  secluded and tranquil, and the rocks can speak, telling the geological evolution and the myth of the vicissitudes of the earth .

Tianzhushan is a famous historical mountain which interprets the power of culture through the ages. More than 5,000 years ago, a primitive tribe multiplied in the Xuejiagang area at the foot of Tianzhushan and created the splendid Xuejiagang culture, which is an important representative of Chinese Neolithic culture; More than 2,000 years ago, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty toured the south and worshiped Tianzhushan as Sacred Southern Mountain, becoming a pillar of  southern China.

Tianzhushan is a famous poetic mountain where the stars are shining with a strong sense of poetry. “The Tianzhu Peak is holding up the sun and the moon, and the caves are wreathed by clouds and thunder.” This is a poem praising Tianzhushan by Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty in China. Tianzhushan has attracted countless literati such as Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Su Dongpo, Wang Anshi and Huang Tingjian, etc. to visit here to enjoy the amazing scenery, express emotions through the landscape and create popular poems. Tianzhushan has a valley stream, a world’s most poetic stream. The cliffs on both sides of the river are engraved with more than 300 poems of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties, Republic of China until the modern and contemporary times, become a stone carving museum and a Chinese poetry corridor.

Tianzhushan is a famous meditation mountain where the wildflowers bloom with a mysterious Zen feeling. Tianzhushan is an important birthplace of Chinese Zen Buddhism. Sanzu Temple is one of the six ancestral temples of Chinese Zen Buddhism and the third patriarch of Chinese Zen Buddhism Monk Sencan practiced here, leaving the famous work Faith in Mind, the first written classic of Chinese Zen Buddhism.

Tianzhushan is a famous opera mountain where the birds sing in Beijing dialect and Huangmei tune. Tianzhushan gave birth to the originator of Chinese Peking Opera Cheng Changgeng and the master of Chinese Huangmei Opera Han Zaifen. Between the mountains and rivers, the Hui tune is melodious and the Huangmei tune is fragrant.

Tianzhushan is a famous love mountain where the flowing springs tell the true love of the world. China’s earliest long narrative poem Peacock Flying Southeast tells a beautiful and moving love story that took place under Tianzhushan, known as the Oriental “Romeo and Juliet”. On February 14, 2023, the first Tianzhushan Wedding Cultural Festival was successfully held, and many newlyweds tied the nuptial knots in the snow-capped Tianzhushan, which is a check-in place for lovers in the world.

Tianzhushan is a famous heroic mountain where the ancient fortresses reverberate with history. As a stronghold in the Yangtzs-Huaihe area, the towering Tianzhushan is a vital military battleground to be fought for, producing many brilliant heroes.

Tianzhushan is a famous mountain for health preservation where pine trees on the mountain all live long. With the forest coverage up to 98%, Tianzhushan is hailed as “species gene pool” and “natural oxygen bar”. Zuo Ci, the first scholar of the Eastern Han Dynasty of China, and Ge Hong, a medical scientist of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, successively made alchemy and pharmaceuticals here. The Alchemy Lake is sparkling in the mountain full of mist. Russian friends come from afar to practice health exercises. Rich in selenium, zinc and negative oxygen ions, Tianzhushan is a rare place in the world with “three riches”.

In recent years, Tianzhushan Scenic Area has adhered to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and has vigorously developed nine categories of leisure and cultural research products, such as “landscape nourishing eyes”, “culture nourishing the soul “, “sports nourishing the body”, “forest nourishing the lung”, “Kung fu nourishing health”, “food nourishing the stomach”, “Zen cultivating the spirit”, “traditional Chinese medicine for health” and “homestay nourishing feelings”, which are favored by friends both at home and abroad. Tianzhushan is embracing the world with enthusiasm and hospitality. Distinguished friends, welcome to Tianzhushan, to take a sightseeing, make research and development, leisure and vacation, sojourn and health care, enjoy the changing scenery, climb high and look far, touch the stars and the sea and enjoy a healthy life.