Eastern Area Unveils a New Chapter in Chengdu

The Chengdu Eastern New Area, born out of the development synergy between Chengdu and Chongqing, and established in response to the city’s transformation and growth, plays a pivotal role in carrying out strategic objectives for Chengdu, the province, and the city itself. It is currently at a critical juncture, transitioning from being a structural foundation to an accelerated momentum, and from planning and construction to nurturing industrial development.

The Chengdu Eastern New Area serves as a vital support for Chengdu’s integration into major strategic initiatives and represents an integral part of modern Chengdu’s unique characteristics, advantages, and potential. It is determined to leverage its eastern strengths and chart a course towards development beyond the eastern boundaries, striving to become a new urban gateway, an industrial hub, and a strategic focal point for the Chengdu Eastern region.

In order to comprehensively document the new achievements, new appearance, and new trends in the development of the Chengdu Eastern New Area, focusing on key accomplishments such as industrial development and the development of key areas, this endeavor aims to showcase significant projects, industrial growth, urban construction, technological innovation, as well as the natural landscapes and cultural richness of the Chengdu Eastern New Area. This includes natural scenery, urban landmarks, folk activities, and exhibitions of intangible cultural heritage. Organized by the Chengdu Municipal General Federation of Trade Unions Eastern New Area Office, the “Impressions of the East: A New Urban Facade” Chengdu Eastern New Area Second National Photography Contest has successfully concluded, and we are now featuring some of the award-winning works. (Li Zhenyu)

“Different Perspectives of the East” Photography: Wang Yuming

“Clouds Over Danjing Terrace” Photography: Liu Bin

“Mutual Brilliance” Photography: Zeng Meixiang

“Celebrating a Bountiful Harvest” Photography: Du Ning

“Tianfu Airport Before Dawn” Photography: Chen Cheng

“Vibrant Orange” Photography: Ouyang Yuchen

“Harbor” Photography: Wang Jin

“The Builder” Photography: Zou Wensi

“Chengdu East Sports Arena” Photography: Ling Zhihui

“Seed Bank” Photography: Liang Wenhua

“Glorious Lights” Photography: Pan Mingjun

“The Transformation at Sancha” Photography: Zhang Wanling

“East New Area Zhiye Library ” Photography: Zhang Sheng

“Charming Lion with Ancient Charm” Photography: Meng Bei

“Amidst the Clouds and Sunset” Photography: Li Pei

“Childhood Dreams” Photography: Zeng Xiulin

“Evening Serenade by the Fishing Boat” Photography: Zhang Yafeng

“The Enigmatic Stone Puzzle” Photography: Liao Fang