“Poetry Lanterns” Illuminate Tianzhu Mountain’s “Poetry Forest”

The spirit of mountains and rivers resonates with the culture of poetry and wine, as renowned mountains, literary figures, publications, and fine wines unite to forge a grand poetry festival. From December 15th to 17th, nearly a hundred poets and writers from both domestic and international backgrounds gathered within the boundaries of Tianzhu Mountain in Qianshan City, Anhui Province.

Stretching over a thousand meters from Zhenyi Ridge to the Alchemy Lake on Tianzhu Mountain, there lies a therapeutic walking trail lined with dense, tall pine trees. During the poetry event, visitors were delighted to discover that this area had transformed into a “Poetry Forest” adorned with over a hundred elegant and rustic “Poetry Lanterns” hanging from the pine trees. As they walked, they encountered poetry; these “Poetry Lanterns” featured selections from ancient poets who had composed verses about Tianzhu Mountain, as well as notable lines from the participating poets of this year’s poetry festival. This not only showcased the rich poetic and literary heritage of Tianzhu Mountain but also added a new highlight to its landscape.

“Caring for a tree of poetic inspiration, lighting a lantern of poetic sentiment” was a creative segment of the first Tianzhu International Poetry Festival. At the event, each poet enthusiastically adopted a pine tree and hung a specially customized bright yellow lantern, capturing photos together with the “Poetry Lanterns.” Poets like Zhang Zhihao, Xi Du, Lan Lan, and Gu He believed that adopting trees and hanging lanterns was beneficial for the dissemination of poetry, the cultivation of poetic sentiments, and the showcasing of ecological concepts. It is reported that this creative outdoor poetry initiative, rich in humanistic spirit, will be retained as a “program” for future Tianzhu International Poetry Festivals, encouraging more poets from both home and abroad to participate and nurture the “Poetry Forest” landscape of Tianzhu Mountain, which has been cherished throughout history.