TEZEUS Proudly Announces the Launch of its Brand New TEZEUS-C8 E-BikeRead

Recently, Tezeus, which is committed to providing high-quality electric bicycle products to users worldwide, announced the launch of TEZEUS-C8, its latest and most advanced E-Bike model yet.

Picture: Tezeus C8 Ebike

With a highly contemporary aesthetic-designed style and tech-savvy performance configuration, TEZEUS-C8 provides an intelligent, eco-friendly, and stylish outing choice for environmentally-friendly cyclists worldwide.

TEZEUS-C8 owns an ultralight body whose frame made of carbon fiber, significantly reducing the weight of the vehicle(batteries included) which is only 15KG. Cyclists can pick it up even if going up and down stairs with ease.

The overall appearance of TEZEUS-C8 has smooth lines. The battery and motor hidden design, as well as the internal wiring design, make the entire appearance very concise and pleasing. “It’s very light and elegant with its streamline design, and I had never seen such an impressive vehicle before!”

TEZEUS-C8 independently designs, develops, and manufactures a more efficient and compact mid-drive motor, weighting only 2.6KG, with a torque of up to 60NM. By integrating torque, speed, gyroscope, pedal frequency, and multi-sensor sensor fusion algorithms, cyclists will be provided the most intelligent and smooth power. No matter where you shuttle throughout the cities, you will enjoy the most appropriate power output.

With the independently-developed electronic control system and intelligent interconnection system, TEZEUS-C8 will protect from kinds of dangers through your cycling journey all the time. Equipped with a millimeter wave radar with an angle of 60 °, the taillights take on the responsibility of active safety. Via predictive algorithms, it provides real-time warnings for vehicles(bikes included), which are predicted to catch up within 5 seconds and have a horizontal distance of 1 meter. These alerts are conveyed through the taillights flash, vehicle’s display screen, as well as audio and vibration notifications. “TEZEUS-C8 provides adequate protection for the safety whenever you cycling and whoever you cycling with.

Picture: Tezeus C8 Taillights Flash

The display screen can directly operate the electronic unlock, without the trouble of finding material key. If a thief tries to move your vehicle, the electronic lock promptly triggers an alarm and notifies you through a mobile application, ensuring practicality and efficiency.

But that’s not all, TEZEUS-C8 also designed with extremely strong internet-socially characteristics. You can connect your e-bike to the Tezeus app and share your routes and achievements in our exclusive community.

The functions that cyclists need all can be found. TEZEUS-C8 is equipped with a 5-inch engine screen. Larger screen, clearer enjoyment. Cyclists don’t need mobile-phone navigation but navigating by built-in Google Maps directly. You don’t have to worry about getting lost whether your phone available. There are also multiple functions such as magic screen and removing battery by unlock-touch button, making the journey of cyclists more convenient and simple. “Self-developed LINUX operating system contains a wide range of functions, which will definitely make more pleasure in your cycling experience!”

Picture: Tezeus C8’s 5-inch Engine Screen

In terms of accessories, we are excited to offer removable high-energy density battery, automatic lamp which automatically illuminates as night falls, hidden brakes without messy wire harnesses and three-speed design incorporating an automatic shifting function. TEZEUS-C8 won’t miss any details.

Tezeus App lives with IOT ecosystem, fully supporting OTA online upgrading. We serve your e-bike online all the time with 4G synchronized data.

We are pleased to offer TEZEUS-C8 with two colors to choose from classic black and white.

TEZEUS has been dedicated to the mission of “using technology to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through active transportation” since its establishment. It firmly adhere to brand values of encouraging innovation, maintaining sincerity, daring to take risks, and not wasting life and bring more break through and transformative vehicle products to global market.

TEZEUS-C8 uses GaN fast charging technology which one-hour charging can meet 40 kilometers range and fully charging can be completed within 2.5 hours, so that cyclists don’t need to worry about the lack of power.

Based on riding comfort, exterior design and intelligent interactive experience, TEZEUS-C8 can be the optimal choice for cycling enthusiasts and commuters. Tezeus bike will be available on indiegogo and official website soon. For more information, please visit www.tezeusbike.com.