The first Rongpiao Cup Doctoral and Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2023 concluded successfully

April 04, 2023 ( LeadPRwire )-On March 31, 2023, the finals and award ceremony of the first Rongpiao Cup Doctoral and Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition concluded successfully at the International Talent Harbor in Chengdu High-tech Zone.

It is reported that the competition was jointly sponsored by the Office of the Leading Group for Talent Work of Chengdu Municipal Committee, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Chengdu, and the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone. The competition is aimed at global high-end talents and is intended to build a high-level exchange and display platform for postdoctoral innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the integration of industry, academia, and research, and the transformation of postdoctoral scientific research achievements, and cultivate more high-level young scientific and technological talents.

The reporter learned that the International Talent Harbor, where the final of this competition was held, is a national-level human resources service industrial park, a national human resources service export base, and a strategic functional carrier of Chengdu Rongpiao Talent Development Institute.

“We believe that this competition will also accelerate the development of the International Talent Harbor into a global platform for linking resources, obtaining cutting-edge information, introducing international talents, and providing international human resources services. The goal is to create a more prominent and influential landmark for talent,” said an official from Chengdu High-tech Zone.

Attracting talents and gathering high-quality global projects in the arena.

It is reported that since its launch in December last year, the competition has attracted 678 projects and more than 4,000 participants from 34 provinces and cities across China, as well as 24 overseas regions including the United States, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. At the final competition, 30 high-precision and cutting-edge projects selected by the competition’s judging committee competed fiercely.

Finally, the new generation wireless communication system project for 8K ultra-high definition video broadcasting won the first prize in the innovation group. This project relies on two A+ disciplines and two national key laboratories of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the terahertz field, it has become the first to realize access applications for 6G wireless high speed on an international scale. The key technology and application project of high-power hydrogen fuel cell power system won the first prize in the entrepreneurship group. The project relies on national-level scientific and technological innovation platforms such as the School of Electrical Engineering at Southwest Jiaotong University and the National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Center. It has overcome the technical bottleneck of stable, efficient, and long-life operation of high-power fuel cell power systems and is at the forefront of international levels.

Regarding the outstanding performance of the participating teams at the final competition, the director of the competition’s judging committee, Academician Lei Xianzhang of the German National Academy of Engineering, stated, “This competition is an innovative and entrepreneurial event exclusively for doctoral and postdoctoral groups. It is also a grand event for Chengdu to exchange and cooperate with high-level talents from around the world. We look forward to young talents taking this competiti on as an opportunity to strengthen talent exchange and cooperation, learn from each other, draw on each other’s strengths, and promote mutual sharing of intellectual achievements.”

The person in charge of the Party and Mass Work Department of Chengdu High-tech Zone stated that in order to accelerate the transformation and landing of scientific and technological achievements in Chengdu, and fully leverage the platform and window function of the competition, to promote the transformation and landing of innovative service achievements in Chengdu, Chengdu High-tech Zone will extend an olive branch to high-quality projects, providing multiple supporting preferential policies such as tax, rent, venue, and financing for high-quality projects with intentions to settle in.

It is reported that at the event, seven projects, including deep processing and intelligent analysis technology and industrialization of infrared images, reached cooperation intentions with Chengdu High-tech Zone and will intend to settle in the zone in the next step. Four projects, including millimeter-wave radar modules, reached cooperation intentions with Gaotou Venture Capital and signed investment agreements.

Announcement and awarding of certificates, releasing a list to widely recruit high-level and skilled talents.

Talent is the primary resource. In order to attract more talents to settle and work in the region, Chengdu High-tech Zone has been actively exploring and continuously making efforts in creating a favorable environment, empowering policies, and talent services in recent years.

It was learned from the event that the “Summary List of Demand for Postdoctoral Recruitment in Two Stations and One Base in Chengdu” was officially released that day. This batch of summary list focuses on the demand for postdoctoral recruitment from universities such as the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan Normal University, and Southwest Petroleum University, widely soliciting high-level talents in fields such as electronic information and mechanical engineering. A total of 30 professional fields and 1,394 demands for postdoctoral recruitment were released.

In addition, the Chengdu Doctoral and Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Center”) was officially unveiled and simultaneously settled in the Chengdu High-tech Zone.

“Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers are the most innovative, entrepreneurial, and dynamic force among young talents. They are the backbone of serving high-quality development and promoting self-reliance in high-level science and technology. The establishment of the service center will be conducive to the gathering and growth of high-level talents in the high-tech zone, the incubation and transformation of high-level scientific research achievements, and the mutual promotion of scientific innovation research and development and industrial circle building.” said a relevant person in charge of Chengdu High-tech Zone.

The journalist learned that Chengdu High-tech Zone will establish a doctoral and postdoctoral innovation and entrepreneurship service system around the service center, actively explore and cultivate enterprises and institutions that intend to apply for postdoctoral sites, expand the reserve team of doctoral and postdoctoral work platforms, support the transformation of innovative and entrepreneurial projects of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Furthermore, it will connect enterprises, projects, talents, and capital organically through competitions and activities, attract more doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to come to Chengdu High-tech Zone for exchange and development with their projects.

Introduce favorable policies and actively create an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In recent years, in order to support the construction of high-level talent teams, Chengdu has solidly implemented national and Sichuan talent policies, using sincere and substantial efforts to attract and retain talents.

The journalist learned that in recent years, Chengdu has been deeply implementing the “Rongpiao Plan” and the “Rongcheng Talent Plan”. Starting from July 2022, for newly approved mobile stations, workstations (excluding sub-stations), and bases that recruit one or more postdoctoral researchers, a one-time subsidy of 200,000 yuan will be provided. For full-time postdoctoral researchers who are newly admitted to mobile stations, workstations, or bases, a living allowance of 100,000 yuan per person per year will be given during their stay, with a continuous funding period of no more than two years. For postdoctoral researchers who are already employed but stationed at these sites, a living allowance of 50,000 yuan per person per year will be given during their stay, with a continuous funding period of no more than two years. For postdoctoral researchers who are newly selected for the “National Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Support Program” or the “Sichuan Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Support Project” and work in Chengdu, a subsidy of 200,000 yuan per person per year will be provided, with a continuous funding period of no more than two years.

The relevant person in charge of the Party and Mass Work Department of Chengdu High-tech Zone stated that on this basis, Chengdu High-tech Zone continues to optimize talent settlement and various service scenarios. For new doctoral researchers who engage in scientific research work at postdoctoral stations in Chengdu High-tech Zone, after being recognized, they will be given a living subsidy of 150,000 yuan twice, respectively for mid-term assessment and exit assessment, totaling 300,000 yuan. For technology innovation enterprises established by “Four Talents” (Ronggui faction, Returnees faction, Academy faction, and Maker faction), including doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, after being recognized, they will be given support for up to 500 square meters of entrepreneurial space within three years, and a maximum of 500,000 yuan professional entrepreneurship service support in the form of technology innovation vouchers for three years. For those who obtain equity financing, they will be given up to 5 million yuan in start-up capital support. At the same time, the “Jin Xiongmao Entrepreneurship Talent Award” and the “Entrepreneurship Achievement Award” will be awarded with rewards of 1 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively.

The journalist learned from Chengdu High-tech Zone that in 2022, the zone will establish 78 new talent attraction workstations, add 511 high-level “Four Talents,” and establish 306 new enterprises. The zone will also provide more than 150 high-level positions with an annual salary of over 500,000 yuan for key enterprises through building high-end talent recruitment channels.

“We will take this competition as an opportunity to fully leverage the intellectual advantages of high-level talents, continuously cultivate the growth soil for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, vigorously gather innovative talents, promote the transformation of innovative achievements, inject a continuous stream of innovative power into accelerating the construction of a nationally influential science and technology innovation center, create a highland for gathering innovative talents, and promote high-quality economic and social development in Chengdu,” said the relevant person in charge of Chengdu High-tech Zone.