See The Unseen – Introducing KAWA T6/T6 Pro Security Cameras With Unlimited True Color Night Vision

KAWA T6/T6 Pro

July 21, 2023  ( LeadPRwire ) -These cameras can deliver true, clear, unlimited and colorful night vision without any supplement light.

KAWA Electronics specializes in the development of smart electronic products and has a strong presence in three key product lines – security cameras, baby monitors and dash cameras. Recently the company rolled out the new security Cameras KAWA T6 and KAWA T6 pro that are designed to bring brand new night vision experience to the security camera users.

“If you use a security camera or you want to buy one, you must experience or hear those problems: the vision is bad at night, they are only black & white and you can not distinguish people or objects clearly; they are limited color night vision even equipped with spotlights or floodlights and you fail to see the far-away; people want to hide the camera to avoid potential destroy but the infrared lights or spotlights expose its location; mosquitoes and flies at night always fly around the camera due to the allure of infrared lights or spotlights and they trigger lots of false alerts…” said one of the top marketing executives of KAWA Electronics.

“Having received numerous complaints and negative reviews over the past two years, we’ve been constantly pondering how to address these issues effectively. Our primary concern lies in the color night vision problem, which requires a comprehensive solution covering the entire screen. We’ve extensively discussed these challenges and ideas with our suppliers, and fortunately, we’ve obtained the necessary accessories to bring our vision to life. Introducing the KAWA T6/T6 Pro—a groundbreaking concept that resolves these concerns and embodies our commitment to delivering exceptional color night vision capabilities,” he added.

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At the core of KAWA T6/T6 Pro lie two essential components: hardware and software. The hardware encompasses the sensor, lens, CPU, and GPU, while the software includes the NPU and AI-ISP image intelligent algorithm. The lens enhances light intake, while the sensor, CPU, NPU, and algorithm work harmoniously to optimize image quality, particularly in low-light conditions during night vision. The CPU plays a pivotal role in carrying out complex processing tasks, ensuring seamless performance throughout. Together, these elements form a powerful and sophisticated system that elevates the capabilities of KAWA T6/T6 Pro to unmatched levels.

In addition to the standout feature of true color night vision, KAWA T6/T6 Pro security cameras boast an impressive array of functionalities. These include motion detection, human detection, motion zone setting, motion alerts, seamless App remote connection, convenient card storage, secure cloud storage, playback capability, two-way audio, compatibility with Alexa, Onvif, and RTSP. Moreover, these cameras are designed to support both PoE and WiFi network connections, providing flexibility and ease of use in various setups.

On July 18th, KAWA Electronics initiated an KICKSTARTER campaign for KAWA T6/T6 Pro security cameras. Up to now, the campaign has been funded by many backers. Click the link,

The CEO of KAWA Electronics, Eric said: “It is a revolutionary technology in the security camera industry. People will completely enter the era of true color night vision from the era of black and white night vision, and experience the convenience and visual enjoyment brought by such a new technology. Our ultimate aim is to deliver exceptional quality products and user experience to our highly valued community and users.”

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