Interpreting the 27th Wuliangye 12·18 Annual Convention: United in Purpose, Progressing Together – Wuliangye’s Value Commitment

From December 12th to 22nd, the series of events for the “China International Famous Alcoholic Drinks Exposition 2023 · The 27th Wuliangye 12·18 Annual Convention: Achieving Shared Growth through Discussion and Collaboration” were successfully held in Yibin, known as the “Chinese Baijiu Capital.”

As a highly anticipated industry gathering, it attracted over a thousand distributors and more than fifty investors from all over China. More than a hundred domestic media outlets were present at the event, with over 800 mainstream media outlets both at home and abroad providing extensive coverage. The international reach extended to North America, Eurasia, Latin America, and numerous other countries and regions, with an audience exceeding 1.5 billion people. The conference set new historical records in terms of its scale, influence, and reach.

“Infusing culture with beauty, steering brands towards virtue” is the motto. Wuliangye, with its origins dating back to the Tang Dynasty, flourishing during the Song Dynasty, attaining excellence during the Yuan Dynasty, reaching its maturity during the Ming Dynasty, and acquiring its name during the Qing Dynasty, possesses a cultural heritage spanning over a thousand years. It has consistently upheld the stance of Chinese culture and remains committed to being its guardian, inheritor, and promoter.

With a clear path ahead and guided by the principle of “Harmony and Beauty,” Wuliangye is boldly advancing along the Five-in-One development path of “Ecology-based, Quality-centered, Culture-underpinned, Data-driven, and Transparency-prior.” It aims to offer the world a glass of the finest and purest Wuliangye Baijiu.