Extracting The Essence of Local Culture, Wuhan Tells Its “Wuhan Story” Through Global Social Media Matrix

With nearly 2 million total fans and over 20 million interactions across various social media such as Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, and a reach of nearly 100 million, this year, Wuhan’s Cultural and Tourism brand – @VisitWuhan, has seen numerous highlights: traditional festival marketing, showcasing Wuhan’s original content essentials; strategic media plan adjustments, achieving both increased fan growth and interaction rates; themed campaign during the cherry blossom season, pioneering a new overseas marketing model for this tourism brand asset of Wuhan. The social media matrix @VisitWuhan is becoming one of the important forces to enhance the influence of Chinese civilization. Together with other cultural and tourism brands of cities, it is jointly constructing a solid international communication stronghold for “Beautiful China.”

Since its establishment in 2018, @VisitWuhan has become a window for global fans to get to know and understand Wuhan. While showcasing the city’s unique features, it also leverages various trending topics for marketing purposes. This strategy helps attract the attention and engagement of fans, stimulating interest in Wuhan’s cultural and creative products and encouraging consumption intentions.

Wuhan planned and implemented the overseas special event “2023 Cherry Blossom Season.” They utilized various forms, platforms, and cooperation to enhance the participation of global audiences in the content and the reputation of the Wuhan culture and tourism from multiple perspectives.

@VisitWuhan not only represents Wuhan but also serves as an important way to tell China’s stories and show China’s perspectives, presenting a credible, lovable, and respectable image of China. In the future, more efforts will be made to further innovate communication methods, enhance communication effectiveness, focus on local culture, and tell the stories of Wuhan and China well.