Introducing the Transit Half-Day Tour: Connecting Travelers at Taoyuan Airport to Explore Taiwan’s Attractions

The travlers participate in the Transit Half-Day Tour.

PRESS RELEASE -August 30, 2023 – Taoyuan International Airport is taking steps to enhance the experience of transit passengers by launching the “Transit Passengers Exploring Taiwan Half-Day Tour” initiative. This program welcomes transit passengers with layovers of 7 to 24 hours in Taiwan, who hold valid visas or are eligible for visa-free entry, to participate in a half-day sightseeing tour upon arrival. The activity is open for registration and reservations through the dedicated event website. Participants can opt for guided tours with dedicated guides and vehicles or explore on their own using recommended itineraries, including utilizing public transportation like the Airport MRT. The initiative aims to deepen transit passengers’ understanding of Taiwan’s local culture and unique features, thus boosting their willingness to consider Taiwan as a future travel destination.

Personalized guided tours with dedicated vehicles are tailored to match the flight schedules of Taoyuan Airport. We offer transit passengers a choice of three distinct itineraries, each leading travelers into Taipei City, Taoyuan City, or New Taipei City. Each tour is designed with unique thematic highlights, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience for transit passengers to explore.

Morning: “Discover Taipei’s Century of Glory” Tour. Embark on a journey through Taipei’s rich history by visiting its oldest temple, Longshan Temple, and marvel at the beauty of traditional temple architecture. Next, explore the vibrant blend of old and new urban living as you venture to Yongkang Street, ranked 4th among the world’s coolest streets, and the enchanting Rongjin Time Life Village. Experience the harmonious fusion of past and present in the city’s charming alleyways.

“Discover Taipei’s Century of Glory” Tour. Embark on a journey through Taipei’s rich history by visiting its oldest temple, Longshan Temple.

Afternoon: “The Beauty of Taiwanese Traditional Arts & Nature in Daxi, Taoyuan.” Stroll through the historical enclave of Daxi Old Street, showcasing a charming blend of Baroque-style architecture. On the return journey, pause at the serene Bade Pond Eco Park to immerse in the beauty of natural ecology.

The Beauty of Taiwanese Traditional Arts & Nature in Daxi, Taoyuan.

 The travlers participate in the Transit Half-Day Tour.

Evening: “Gourmet Guided Tour with Night Market.” Indulge in the mesmerizing night views of New Taipei City while savoring a variety of delectable street foods and snacks at the night market. Experience the unique and delicious flavors that Taiwan has to offer.

To provide transit passengers more diverse options for experiencing Taiwan, while also catering to those who prefer independent travel, we have introduced three additional recommended itineraries. These itineraries provide one-way Taoyuan Airport MRT ride vouchers and exclusive discounts from partnering merchants. Travelers can explore Taiwan’s vibrant urban charm along the MRT route, satisfying their desires for shopping, leisure, and culinary delights!

We anticipate that through the transit half-day tour service, transit passengers will no longer miss out on exploring. Instead, they will have the opportunity to discover Taiwan’s unique charm and allure through travel. This experience may inspire them to consider Taiwan as their next destination for tourism, allowing them to plan their future visits with enthusiasm!