WISESKY Cat Air Purifier Is Designed To Make a Pet Parent’s Life Easier

Having a pet around in the house is something that is a dream for every pet lover, especially cats because of their excellent companionship. However, maintaining the home clean from cat furs and keeping the pet healthy is a hard challenge which is why WISESKY is here with its newest invention, the WISESKY Cat Air Purifier. Previously when air purifiers were recommended, they were only from a human perspective. Now the company finally comes up with a product that is designed for both humans and cats which is the WISESKY Cat Air Purifier. Just like any other purifier, this one also possesses basic qualities such as enhancing the air quality of a room by removing contaminants. However, this works like a charm for cats as well.

Unlike any other air purifier, the WISESKY Cat Air Purifier does not only “suck in the air”, but it attracts the cats. While the product functions as any normal air purifier, the distinctive feature is surely attracting cats. By attracting cats, the product will significantly remove furs while performing a dual function. This dual function is called “cat attraction” by the company. The air purifier has several factors to attract cats in its design. The first significant part of the design is the Cat Lookout Tower. Cats enjoy using structures with a three-dimensional layout and height. This is why pet cats are usually found at the tops of refrigerators, cat trees, or cabinets.

Having a broad view provides various advantages to cats because they are both prey and predators. The WISESKY Cat Air Purifier is designed to meet this need for the pet cats and it has five design features to prove that. The unit has a certain height, which is not too high and not too low, making it easier for them to jump onto, giving cats the perfect height and broad view. The design also has a shallow recess which is ideal for cats to curl up. Its top surface has a textured finish that even prevents cats from slipping without causing any harm to their claws and is durable. Unlike the other popular touchscreen designs on the market, the buttons are placed on the side which reduces the chances of the cats accidentally activating them. The fifth attractive feature is that instead of wheels, this purifier has a wheel-less design with rubber foot pads at the four corners for stability and anti-skid properties.

The WISESKY Cat Air Purifier also has an anti-cat entrapment design that encourages the exploration modes for the pet cats. To ensure effective fur removal with the purifier, it features a 360-degree surround large grid air inlet. This design increases the gaps in the unit and prevents cats from getting their claws caught with an anti-entrapment design. WISESKY’s newest purifier made especially for both cats and humans features bite-resistant cords. As this animal possesses extreme curiosity and exploration tendencies, they also investigate objects by biting them. However, the WISESKY Cat Air Purifier features specially designed cords to resist cat bites, so there will not be any damage to the product.

The cat air purifier is also suitable for rubbing on vertical surfaces. Cats have habits of against objects or even humans which is a behavioral trait that marks scents for them. At the same time, this animal enjoys leaving its scent on various vertical surfaces such as walls. The WISESKY Cat Air Purifier has a circular grid that is ideally designed for this behavior. When cats rub against the purifier, they lose fur and then the surface fur is gently sucked in. This action and design helps reduce cat hair in the home, saving the owner cleaning time. At the same time, it prevents cats from ingesting more fur, reducing their grooming burden and preventing hairball formation. In addition to that, popular air purifiers on the market usually have noise levels of 35 decibels or higher, but the WISESKY Cat Air Purifier operates at a minimum noise level of 30.9 decibels. This sound design and precise attention showcase the company’s thorough consideration of cat needs as they have sensitive hearing. Moreover, the WISESKY Cat Air Purifier is equipped with UVC sterilization to effectively remove cat-specific pathogens, making it a perfect addition for the fur companion at home.

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