The second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season officially starts recruitingRead

The second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season officially starts recruiting
The second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season officially starts recruiting

PRESS RELEASE Published August 16, 2023 GetNews – With the advancement of national high-quality development and the “dual carbon” goals, various industries are accelerating their layout in new areas and new tracks, shaping new development momentum and advantages. In order to further stimulate the innovation vitality of the lithium battery industry ecosystem, continuously gather and transform excellent scientific and technological achievements in the field of lithium new energy and materials, empower the high-quality development of the lithium industry chain with an international perspective and forward-thinking mindset, on August 15th, Tianqi Lithium Industry, a global leading new energy materials company with lithium as its core, officially announced the launch of the second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season, simultaneously opening the registration channel for the second Tianqi Lithium Industry Entrepreneurship Competition to extensively solicit top entrepreneurial teams, universities and research institutes, and technology innovative companies worldwide.

In a brand-new format, we aim to create a broader platform for communication and connection.

This event revolves around the theme of “International Brand, Open Platform, Professional Competition.” It has upgraded and created a brand-new VI logo, with “Competition” + “Conference” + “Exhibition” as its core structure. Simultaneously, a series of activities will be carried out, including the second Tianqi Lithium Industry Entrepreneurship Competition, Technology Ecological Conference, Investment and Financing Matchmaking, Technology Achievement Matchmaking, and Chain Enterprise Matchmaking. These activities aim to support the incubation and implementation of excellent entrepreneurial projects, promote sustainable innovation and development in the lithium battery industry, provide a high-quality platform for high-level scientific and technological innovation talents, teams, and companies at home and abroad, cultivate, attract and introduce important cooperative projects, and strive to build an open and collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Upgrading the competition system to guide the gathering of quality projects from all over the world

The reporter learned that, compared with the previous session, the second Tianqi lithium entrepreneurship competition covers a wider range of industry segments focus more accurate. This year’s competition has set up two groups of universities and enterprise groups, the object of participation has been added to the start-up team and start-up enterprises, and set up registration channels in overseas countries and regions, and the scope of participation covers the “green and high-value utilization of saline resources, comprehensive utilization of lithium resources, new anode materials, lithium metal anode and composite materials, new electrochemical energy storage technology, new electrode manufacturing technology, high-performance lithium metal battery” and other lithium industry chain upstream, midstream and downstream. Technology, high-performance lithium metal batteries” and other key technology areas in the lithium industry chain, middle and downstream.

Reward increase, the competition incentive mechanism upgraded

In order to further gather innovative key technologies, talent teams and other resources of the lithium industry chain, Tianqi Lithium Industry starts from the top design, and develops precise incentives for the competition according to the development needs of entrepreneurial teams, colleges and universities, high-tech enterprises and other different innovative subjects, which deeply empowers high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial projects to land and transform and accelerate their growth.

(I) Enterprise Group: Access to strategic investment opportunities

The top ten shortlisted projects will be prioritized through the competition fast track and recommended to the relevant departments of Tianqi Lithium, and after evaluation and inspection, high-quality projects/enterprises in line with the future strategic planning of Tianqi Lithium will have the opportunity to obtain strategic investment.

(B) university group: support funds up to 1 million yuan

The excellent expansion test and pilot project/technology team in the top ten will have the opportunity to obtain technical cooperation funding support of 30-1 million yuan.

(III) University Group: Approved Provincial Key Laboratory Open Subjects

Projects with development potential have the opportunity to be included in Tianqi Lithium lithium resources and lithium materials Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory open topics, share the provincial key laboratory open resources, and promote the application and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

(D) Selected Entrepreneurial Star Class

The top 10 finalists of the university group and enterprise group will be selected into the Tianqi lithium entrepreneurial star class, and become the focus of Tianqi lithium industry star projects, and enjoy the priority of follow-up incubation support services.

(E) Certificate of honor

The competition according to the university group and enterprise group were set up 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, a number of awards of excellence. The winners will be awarded a certificate of honor by the organizing committee of the competition.

It is reported that the competition registration time from now until October 15, 2023, qualified teams can log on the “Second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season” website ( to register for the competition.