The 2023 World Digital Economy Conference and 13th Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo Opens in Ningbo, Zhejiang

Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, is set to host the 2023 World Digital Economy Conference and the 13th Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo from October 13th to 15th. This event, themed “Innovation and Integration: Fusing Digital and Real Economies,” aims to propel the seamless integration of digital and tangible economies, propelling Ningbo towards becoming a benchmark city in this convergence.

Adhering to the principles of being “high-end, concise, secure, and open,” the conference focuses on building a modern industrial system guided by the digital economy. It has meticulously planned a comprehensive agenda featuring a central opening ceremony (“1”) and four major thematic activities including forums, exhibitions, investment and cooperation, and intelligent consumption.

Wang Yidong, Deputy Director of the Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau and Director of the Ningbo Digital Economy Bureau, emphasized the pivotal role of digital infrastructure in facilitating the deep integration of digital and tangible economies. In recent years, Ningbo has accelerated the development of a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and high-level digital infrastructure system.

Notable achievements include the launch of the Ningbo Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Center (Phase I), which significantly reduced weather forecast processing time from 9 to 4.5 hours during the Hangzhou Asian Games. Additionally, Ningbo established the Digital Twin Research Institute, leveraging the city’s intellectual capabilities to advance numerous digital twin projects such as “Tianyi Pavilion Yuehu Scenic Area Digital Twin” and “Xiangshan Digital Twin Fishing Port.”

The 2023 World Digital Economy Conference and 13th Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo, commencing on October 13th in Ningbo, will feature five main thematic pavilions: the Comprehensive Digital Economy Pavilion, Fusion of Digital and Real Economies Pavilion, Digital Scenario Pavilion, Future Industries Pavilion, and Digital Trade Pavilion. These pavilions will provide a comprehensive showcase of the transformative impact of digital technology on development.

A new addition this year is the “Belt and Road” International Digital Trade Zone, where 18 digital innovation companies from 13 countries including Germany and France will participate, further enhancing international exchange, deepening mutual trust, and fostering friendship.