Genshin Impact Holds 3rd Spot in Overseas Revenue Rankings for September, Strong Growth for New RPGs

In September, Sensor Tower’s latest data reveals strong performances from several Chinese gaming companies in the overseas mobile gaming market. Leading the pack is miHoYo’s “Genshin Impact,” which celebrated its third anniversary, experiencing a 22% month-over-month increase in overseas revenue, securing its position as the third highest-grossing game and claiming the second spot in the growth rankings.

Early in September, Efun’s pixel-style card game “Dot Hero” (Japanese: Mosaic Hero) made its debut in the Japanese market. With a mature gameplay system, local endorsements, and abundant incentives, the game swiftly dominated the Japanese Google Play mobile game download chart. This led to a staggering 258% surge in overseas revenue, propelling it to the 11th spot on the revenue charts and securing the top spot in the growth rankings. “Dot Hero” also catalyzed a substantial increase in Efun’s overall revenue, making it the highest-grossing game under the current publisher’s banner.

Simultaneously, the release of a new season and the “Autumn Festival” promotions boosted the revenue of Lingxi Interactive’s Three Kingdoms strategy game, “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition,” in the Japanese market. September saw a rapid 61% month-over-month increase in overseas revenue, elevating its ranking by 13 positions to claim the 16th spot on the revenue charts and the 5th position in the growth rankings.

miHoYo’s “Genshin Impact” continued to make waves in September with its third-anniversary celebration and the release of version 4.1, “Starfell Valley.” The introduction of new maps, characters, storylines, and events led to a surge in single-day revenue, resulting in a 22% month-over-month increase in overseas revenue, securing its position as the third highest-grossing game and the second spot in the growth rankings.

Thanks to the overseas player’s fondness for post-apocalyptic themes and events like the “Harvest Moon Event,” DotDot Interactive’s strategic game “Whiteout Survival” maintained its robust growth trajectory. September witnessed another 20% increase in overseas revenue, with its ranking climbing by one position to secure the fourth spot on the revenue charts.

Moreover, a slew of RPGs made a remarkable debut in the overseas market in September. “SOULS,” a fantasy adventure RPG under the banner of Haibi, made its official overseas launch in late August. Its unique healing art style and compelling storyline quickly gained popularity in markets such as the United States and South Korea. In September, overseas revenue skyrocketed to six times that of August, securing the fourth position in the growth rankings and becoming Haibi’s highest-grossing RPG mobile game.

Luzhu Technology’s MMORPG, “Moonlight Robbers,” launched in early September in the Greater China region. Its innovative treasure hunting theme and well-executed localization strategy catapulted it to the top of the Google Play mobile game download chart on its debut day. The game entered the growth rankings at sixth place, further solidifying Luzhu Technology’s position in the MMORPG mobile game market in the Greater China region.

In early September, the release of “Nameless Heroes,” a martial arts-themed card game developed by Hongcheng Games and distributed by TECOZONE, in the Greater China region garnered widespread player acclaim. The game’s faithful portrayal of classic martial arts dramas and its captivating storyline propelled it to the seventh spot in the revenue growth rankings for September.

Towards the middle of September, the sandbox open-world strategy TRPG “Dragonheir: Silent Gods” from Chaoxi Guangnian made its official overseas debut. Benefiting from the enduring popularity of classic themes like dragons and dungeons in overseas markets, the game’s revenue rapidly surged in the United States, South Korea, and the Greater China region, earning it the ninth spot in the growth rankings.

In late August, 37 Interactive (002555) introduced the card game “Little Demon’s Inquiry” in the Greater China market. Its innovative cultivation theme and adorable animal characters set it apart in the market. In September, overseas revenue surged by over five times, securing the eleventh spot in the growth rankings.

Additionally, in late August and early September, several other mobile games including Mars-Games’ “Isekai: Slow Life,” Thunder Network’s English version of “One Thought Free and Easy,” NetEase’s Japanese version of “Never After” (Murderous Fairy Tales 2), and TANWAN GAMES’ Traditional Chinese version of “Whizz Whizz Three Kingdoms” were successively launched. Their overseas revenue continued to climb in September, securing the thirteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and nineteenth spots in the growth rankings.

In the September overseas mobile game download chart, “PUBG Mobile” maintained its dominance, securing the top spot. XGAME STUDIO’s music game “Magic Piano Tiles: Music Game” saw a 16% month-over-month increase in downloads, retaining its second place in the download rankings.

Ivy Mobile’s games including “Subway Princess Runner,” “Bubble Shooter – Pop Bubbles,” and “Cat Runner: Decorate Home” experienced significant increases in downloads. Their respective download rankings surged to the third, sixteenth, and nineteenth positions, with download figures rising by 20%, 62%, and 25%.

In September, Xiamen SkyGame’s two match-three elimination games, “Mysterious Queen” and “Sweet Fruit,” saw a sharp increase in downloads in the Indian and Southeast Asian markets. Their respective downloads surged to nearly 26 times and 13 times that of August, marking their debut in the fifth and twentieth positions in the download rankings.

NetEase’s overseas version of “Eggy Party,” launched in early September in the Southeast Asian market, quickly topped the Google Play mobile game download chart in Indonesia. This period saw overseas downloads increase to seven times that of August, securing the eighteenth position in the download rankings.