Second Annual “GTA Game Overseas Summit” Awards Registration Officially Open

The “GTA 2023 Game Overseas Summit,” a heavyweight summit organized by the Golden Tea Awards ceremony, has officially launched its awards registration. The summit agenda comprises three segments: the GTA Game Overseas Summit Forum, GTA Overseas Awards Ceremony, and GTA Overseas Roundtable Forum.

Summit Agenda 1: GTA Game Overseas Summit Forum & GTA Overseas Roundtable Forum

The inaugural summit, held in Shanghai, will feature a full-day agenda covering hot topics in the gaming overseas industry, including overseas co-publishing, distribution, channels, investments, and user acquisition. These discussions will span popular gaming overseas regions such as Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. Renowned companies from around the world will converge to exhibit, drawing direct participation from over 1000 global gaming industry professionals. The second annual summit in 2023 is set to take place in Guangzhou – stay tuned!

Summit Agenda 2: GTA Overseas Awards Ceremony

The “GTA Overseas Awards Ceremony” is aimed at recognizing the efforts and achievements of outstanding gaming companies, products, and related upstream and downstream service providers across the nation over the past year. It seeks to unearth the rising stars in the future of overseas products and to identify reliable service enterprises for gaming overseas companies.

The second annual GTA Overseas Awards Ceremony will feature a total of eight major awards, categorized as follows:

Gaming Categories

  1. GTA 2023 Best Overseas Casual Game of the Year
  2. GTA 2023 Best Overseas Game of the Year
  3. GTA 2023 Most Promising Overseas Game of the Year
  4. GTA 2023 Best Overseas PC Game of the Year

Enterprise Categories

  1. GTA 2023 Most Promising Overseas Enterprise of the Year
  2. GTA 2023 Best Overseas Service Provider of the Year
  3. GTA 2023 Best Overseas Gaming Company of the Year
  4. GTA 2023 Best Gaming Overseas Marketing Platform of the Year