Jiaolong Cultural Platform Launches at World Cultural Cities Forum, Filling Void in Global Cultural Product Expansion

A surge of diverse Chinese creativity is captivating the world as more cultural products venture beyond borders.

On October 16th, the “Jiaolong” Cultural Platform, the nation’s first comprehensive service hub for international cultural product trading and settlement, made a resounding debut at the 2023 World Cultural Cities Global Conference.

“We’re the first impartial settlement platform, utilizing an exchange as the core, with a focus on global cultural expansion,” declared Duan Wenbin, Director of the Digital Cultural Products Center at Chengdu Cultural Property Rights Exchange. He emphasized the platform’s ambition to create a new channel for cultural global expansion, centering on Chengdu and bridging over 1,000 exceptional domestic and foreign cultural enterprises.

The “Jiaolong” Cultural Platform addresses the gap in comprehensive services for the global expansion of cultural products, born under policy guidance as Chengdu advances towards becoming a world cultural city and international trade hub.

With rapid technological innovation and a push towards digitization, seizing opportunities in cultural global expansion stands as a strategic advantage in the evolving landscape.

As per the “Opinions on Promoting High-Quality Development of Foreign Cultural Trade,” the aim is to establish nationwide specialized cultural trade service platforms by 2025, bolstering China’s cultural product and service competitiveness on the world stage.

The “Jiaolong” Cultural Platform, a joint endeavor of Chengdu Cultural Property Rights Exchange and strategic partners, pioneers a comprehensive service platform tailored for international cultural product trade. It encompasses five major functions, including fund settlement, supply-demand information dissemination, intelligent order management, financial support, and international cultural exchange.

Leveraging the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway, the platform positions Chengdu as the “closest city to Europe,” linking China to Europe, Asia, and Laos via international rail transport. This initiative establishes the “Media Express” cultural outbound special train, offering a one-stop service for domestic and foreign cultural enterprises.

The platform’s commercial debut signifies a milestone in the cultural product internationalization effort, heralding Chengdu’s role in serving outstanding cultural and creative products nationwide.

UNESCO data highlights the cultural and creative industries as among the fastest-growing global economic sectors, with an annual output value of 4.3 trillion USD, constituting 6.1% of the total global economic output.

Duan Wenbin stated, “The ‘Jiaolong’ Cultural Platform boasts four key advantages: secure and swift fund settlement, robust logistical support, meticulous complementary services, and low-cost financial backing. Our goal is to achieve a transaction volume of 200 million CNY from October to December 2023, reaching 2 billion CNY by the end of 2024, and 4 billion CNY by the close of 2025.”

Looking ahead, the platform plans to introduce additional online cultural exchange features, providing a virtual space for outbound clients to access larger overseas markets.

The “Jiaolong” Cultural Platform, in tandem with the Chengdu Cultural Trading Platform, Wencaihui Platform, Digital Asset Platform, and others, is set to provide comprehensive services for cultural and creative enterprises from both China and abroad, thereby empowering China’s cultural and creative industry and contributing significantly to cultural exchange worldwide.

The launch event also marked the initiation of the Chengdu Cultural Trading Platform, an authoritative and comprehensive platform supporting cultural and creative enterprises, designers, artists, and intangible cultural heritage inheritors.

Source: Daily Economic News