FISE World Tour Lands in Xuhui, Shanghai, for Largest Global Extreme Sports Event

In a groundbreaking announcement, the renowned international extreme sports event, the “FISE World Tour China Shanghai Stop,” has officially confirmed its arrival in Xuhui, Shanghai on October 17th. This exciting new event is set to take place on the west bank of the Bund in October 2024.

Originating in Montpellier, France, in 1997, the “FISE World Tour” is the world’s largest comprehensive extreme sports competition organized by the French Hurricane Group, featuring nine extreme sports disciplines.

Among these, rock climbing, skateboarding, and freestyle BMX park competitions have been integrated into the official events of the Tokyo Olympics, while breakdancing is set to be a featured event at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Since 2014, the “FISE World Tour” has hosted competitions in 12 cities worldwide, attracting over 500 international athletes from 30 countries annually. With over a million on-site spectators, it stands as the largest global gathering for comprehensive extreme sports.

As extreme sports gain popularity across China, more enthusiasts are getting involved. Xuhui’s choice to host the “FISE World Tour” is a significant step towards the sustainable development of Olympic qualification series in existing waterfront venues, aligning with the city’s identity as a sports hub.

Deputy District Chief of Xuhui, Wang Zhihua, emphasized the deep sports culture roots of Xuhui and the excellent infrastructure and open spaces along the waterfront. The newly opened S1 Pump Track in the southern section of the waterfront, spanning just 560 square meters, has already seen a daily influx of over a thousand visitors. It has become a social media sensation and a hotspot for enthusiasts of wheeled sports like BMX, mountain biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, and more.

With the enhancement of trendy sports facilities for activities such as rock climbing, skateboarding, and street basketball, the west bank is poised to attract even more extreme sports aficionados.

As a premium sports and leisure area in development in Xuhui, the west bank boasts nearly 9 kilometers of running, walking, and cycling trails, as well as diverse public sports facilities like skate parks, basketball courts, and climbing walls. Since 2017, the Shanghai International Marathon has included Xuhui’s waterfront in its route, earning the area the title of the “most beautiful segment” of the marathon.

After November 2022, innovative public sports spaces like the West Bank Vitality Valley, Ludongli Xiwang Valley Sports Park, and Ludongli Qiyu Sports Center have successively opened, catering to the daily exercise needs of residents.

With this collective effort, the west bank will establish itself as Shanghai’s new sports landmark, continuing to propel the high-quality development of sports in Xuhui’s waterfront area and actively contributing to Shanghai’s goal of becoming a “globally renowned sports city.”

Source: The Paper