FIBA Plans to Host More 3×3 Basketball Events in China in 2024

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency on the 16th, FIBA’s Director of 3×3 Basketball Activities and Partnerships, E. Sorianio, revealed that in 2023, China emerged as one of the leading hosts of FIBA 3×3 basketball events worldwide. Looking ahead to 2024, FIBA intends to organize even more 3×3 basketball competitions in China.

Fresh from the 3×3 Basketball World Tour Shanghai Chongming stop, Sorianio rushed back to FIBA’s headquarters near Geneva, Switzerland. Despite the fatigue etched on his face, he exuded excitement when discussing the Shanghai event. Sorianio remarked, “On the professional level, China is increasingly hosting a greater number of FIBA events. This year, we’ll have three stops for the World Tour in China, in addition to the seven Challenger events and three Women’s Series events held. China now virtually possesses all of our event resources.”

The 2023 3×3 Basketball World Tour features a total of 13 stops, with Chengdu hosting the event on October 21-22, followed by Wuxi on November 4-5, and Hong Kong on November 25-26.

According to the regulations, by November 1, 2023, the top three teams in the FIBA 3×3 basketball rankings will secure direct qualification for the Paris Olympics. As of October 16, China’s women’s team ranks first, while the men’s team stands at third in the world.

Sorianio stated, “As of October 16, women are in the first position, and men are in third. If the world rankings were to end today, both the Chinese men’s and women’s teams would have already secured qualifications for the Paris Olympics. This indicates that China is on the right track. Therefore, next year we plan to hold a Super League in China. Our aim is to bring our best event resources to China. At the very least, next year we will hold as many events as we did this year in China, but we are very optimistic and hope for even more events to land in China.”

3×3 basketball officially became an Olympic discipline at the Tokyo Olympics, where the Chinese women’s team clinched a bronze medal. Sorianio expressed, “I believe that 3×3 games, compared to traditional 5×5, are more accessible. Essentially, you can play 3×3 basketball anywhere, without needing qualifications or fully equipped courts. So fundamentally, 3×3 and 5×5 are entirely different games, be it in training methods, match tactics, or the power techniques employed during physical confrontations.”

Sorianio concluded, “We have already started discussions about hosting the 3×3 Basketball World Cup in 2026. We hope that 3×3 games can offer fans not only the competition itself but also entertainment.”

Source : Xinhua News Agency Swiss Rice Village