China Compute Conference 2023: Empowering Industries with Intelligent Computing

China Compute Conference 2023: Empowering Industries with Intelligent Computing

In Yinchuan, Ningxia, on August 18-19, 2023, the China Compute Conference brought together experts, scholars, industry authorities, and representatives from various sectors under the theme of “Intelligent Computing Leading Innovative Development.” The event highlighted groundbreaking achievements and discussions surrounding the integration of computing power in diverse fields.

During the conference’s “Annual Breakthrough Achievements” segment, China Telecom’s Tianyi Cloud’s “Practical Application of Xirang Computing Power Scheduling in Heterogeneous Multi-Cloud Environments” was honored with the title of “2023 China Compute Conference Achievement of the Year.” This recognition underscores the authoritative acknowledgment of the intelligent and efficient computing power scheduling capabilities of Tianyi Cloud’s Xirang platform.

Concurrently held with the conference was the “Intelligent Computing Leading Innovative Development” forum, which convened experts and representatives from academia, industry, and research institutions to delve into trending topics like integrated computing networks, computing power infrastructure, and computing empowerment. Distinguished figures such as Liu Jun, Vice Chairman of the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and Liu Yulin, Inspector of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered speeches, emphasizing the importance of intelligent computing in driving innovation and development.

Luan Xiaowei, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom, emphasized the comprehensive implementation of the “Cloud Transformation and Digitization” strategy, accelerating the development of digital infrastructure, including computing power. He outlined the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in reshaping economic development and reaffirmed China Telecom’s commitment to leading innovation through intelligent computing.

The forum witnessed the convergence of industry experts, clients, and partners, engaging in specialized discussions on the latest academic achievements and practical applications in computing. Li Zhengmao, Chairman of the First Board of Directors of the Global Cloud Network Broadband Industry Association (WBBA), highlighted the need to unleash the potential of cloud networks and broadband to drive the development of artificial intelligence and computing industries.

Wang Yu, Director of the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, addressed the demands posed by the trend of industrial digitization for enhanced information infrastructure, emphasizing the breakthroughs and challenges faced in deploying large-scale models in the AI 2.0 era.

Huang Hongbo, Deputy General Manager of Tianyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech titled “Establishing a Robust Computing Power Foundation, Paving the Way for the AI Era.” As a national cloud service provider, Tianyi Cloud continues to invest in core technologies and actively integrates into national strategies. By responding to the national call and seizing new opportunities in intelligent computing, Tianyi Cloud has transformed its services from IaaS to SaaS, upgrading infrastructure, computing platforms, scheduling capabilities, and ecosystem services to empower the large-scale development of various industries.

At the forefront of computing power scheduling, Tianyi Cloud’s self-developed platform “Xirang” has achieved breakthroughs in multiple technologies, including computing power measurement, perception, and network integration. Xirang supports the unified access, packaging, and scheduling of heterogeneous computing power, enabling cross-service provider, cross-architecture, and cross-regional interconnectivity, thus serving the major strategic initiative of “Intelligent Westward Expansion.” With the support of “Xirang,” Ningxia has launched the first national computing power trading and scheduling platform, facilitating regional interconnectivity of computing power.

In recognition of its exceptional computing power scheduling capabilities, “Xirang” has not only received accolades at this conference but also secured a spot in the “Top Ten Super Projects of Central Enterprises in 2022” by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It was also honored with the title of “Top Ten Hardcore Technologies” at the 6th Digital China Construction Summit and selected as a “Typical Digital Technology Achievement” released by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission at the Third Forum on Digital Transformation of State-owned Enterprises.

In this forum, China Telecom unveiled three major achievements: the “China Telecom Public Training Cluster – Ningxia Node,” the “White Paper on Intelligent Computing Industry Development,” and the collaborative action plan for the deployment of the new generation of distributed green intelligent computing. The “White Paper on Intelligent Computing Industry Development” provides a comprehensive analysis of the panorama changes in the computing industry, interprets the trends in its evolution, and accelerates the optimization and upgrading of the industry structure.

The collaborative action plan for the deployment of the new generation of distributed green intelligent computing establishes optimal standards for computing power settings, liquid cooling, and energy storage module configurations, propelling the realization of the autonomous region’s “Dual Carbon” goals.

With the rapid advancement of “Intelligent Computing,” it is reshaping various industries, acting as a catalyst for high-quality development. Looking ahead, China Telecom Tianyi Cloud, bearing the torch of intelligent computing, aims to foster a “Concentric Circle of Technological Innovation” and actively collaborate with partners across industries to promote digitalization and intelligent development. Together, they aim to construct an intelligent ecosystem and a digital industry, making significant contributions to building a smarter future.