Chengdu to Host 81st World Science Fiction Convention, Showcasing Thriving Sci-Fi Industry

Chengdu, renowned as the “City of Science Fiction” in China, is gearing up to host the 81st World Science Fiction Convention from October 18th to 22nd. This marks the first time a Chinese city has been chosen to host this prestigious global event, highlighting Chengdu’s position as a hub for science fiction enthusiasts.

The convention’s mascot, named “SciDream,” was unveiled on September 13th. This character, a fusion of science fiction elements and Chengdu’s cultural heritage, is a panda donned in futuristic attire. Drawing inspiration from the nebulous silver-blue hues of the main venue, the panda also features a sunbird motif from the Jinsha archaeological site. The control center on its head is modeled after a ginkgo leaf, while its “Staff of Creation” is inspired by a golden scepter artifact from the Sanxingdui ruins. Accompanying SciDream is a bronze bird, “Stellar Messenger,” also derived from the Sanxingdui site.

The convention is expected to bring a surge of attention to Chengdu’s burgeoning science fiction industry. The editor-in-chief of “Science Fiction World,” Raz, emphasized that hosting such a convention leaves an indelible mark on the city’s brand and will significantly boost Chengdu’s prominence in the global science fiction community.

The convention serves as a platform for fostering collaboration between local and international sci-fi communities, fueling innovation and creativity. Notably, Chengdu’s rich history as a cradle of original Chinese science fiction, epitomized by the magazine “Science Fiction World,” positions the city at a historic crossroads.

As Raz aptly puts it, delving into the science fiction industry is akin to sowing seeds. This gathering of writers in Chengdu will ignite a new era for Chinese science fiction, influencing the world and propelling Chengdu into the limelight.

Chengdu’s foray into the science fiction industry extends beyond the convention. The city is strategically positioned to seize new opportunities, promoting a diverse range of sci-fi-related businesses. From figurines and toys to digital products, Chengdu boasts companies at the forefront of creating science fiction derivatives.

Looking ahead, “Sci-Fi +” is set to become a new force driving Chengdu’s diversified industrial landscape. The convergence of science fiction with fields like exhibitions and communication is expected to generate innovative cultural products, enhancing its influence among the public.

With the convention on the horizon, the futuristic Chengdu is poised to unveil the “Star Nebula”-shaped main venue. This architectural marvel seamlessly blends ancient Shu civilization with modern science fiction, symbolizing a dialogue across millennia.

Chengdu’s ambition to develop the metaverse industry is supported by its robust ecosystem. With over 3,100 metaverse enterprises, technological advantages in blockchain and cutting-edge hardware and software infrastructure, the city is primed to flourish in this realm.

To further catalyze the metaverse industry’s growth, Chengdu has launched the “Chengdu Metaverse Industry Development Action Plan (2022-2025).” This ambitious initiative aims to establish a complete metaverse industry chain by 2025, with related industries reaching a scale of ¥150 billion.

As the 81st World Science Fiction Convention descends upon Chengdu, the city’s exploration in the sci-fi sector accelerates. Chengdu is poised to release a comprehensive sci-fi industry report and development policies, implementing a three-year plan to elevate its status as a science fiction hub. The release of the second batch of sci-fi industry project opportunities will further link global quality sci-fi resources and attract influential enterprises, talent teams, and technological innovation platforms to Chengdu’s high-tech and Pidu districts, propelling Chengdu towards becoming a prominent science fiction industry hub.