2023 China Enterprises’ High-Quality Development and Innovation Conference: Harnessing AI Power for Global Triumph

On September 22nd, the 2023 China Enterprises’ High-Quality Development and Innovation Conference was officially held in Guangzhou. The event was organized under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Tianhe District Science, Technology, Industry, and Information Technology Bureau, the Tianhe District National Cultural Export Base, and the Tianhe Central Business District National Digital Service Export Base. It was jointly hosted by Tiangong Technology, Pazhou Laboratory – Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Guangdong Laboratory (referred to as “Pazhou Laboratory”), and the Future Technology Institute of South China University of Technology. Co-organizers included the Guangdong E-Commerce Association, Guangdong Internet Business Association, Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Service Center, and Golden Sand River United Capital.

In 2022, China’s digital economy experienced comprehensive acceleration, breaking through the ¥5 trillion mark and solidifying its position as the world’s second-largest. With the rapid progression of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the digital economy has become a crucial engine for stabilizing growth and promoting transformation. This year, the surge in AI enthusiasm has opened a new chapter in global digital economic development, and technological breakthroughs have brought boundless possibilities to global trade. Under the theme “Harnessing AI Power for Global Triumph,” this conference gathered political figures, leading academics, business elites, and technical experts to collectively explore cutting-edge AI topics. Together, they aimed to create a new paradigm for Chinese enterprises’ global expansion, delve into high-quality global development, and further unleash the potential for economic growth.

Behind the accelerated digital transformation and upgrade of Chinese enterprises lies the crucial innovative force brought about by industry-academia-research collaboration. At the conference, Tiangong Technology, Pazhou Laboratory, and the Future Technology Institute of South China University of Technology officially signed a “Artificial Intelligence Overseas Marketing Strategic Cooperation” agreement. The three parties will embark on long-term strategic cooperation in the field of AI overseas marketing, seamlessly integrating the entire chain of “data-algorithm-application scenarios.” This deep integration of technology and industry will empower Chinese enterprises’ digital transformation for overseas markets, aiding more Chinese companies in venturing abroad and shining on the global stage.

With the emergence of new opportunities brought about by globalization and the rapid overall development of the Chinese economy, the demand for high-quality Chinese cultural products and services abroad has become increasingly robust. As the first district in Guangdong Province to simultaneously obtain the status of a National Cultural Export Base and a National Digital Service Export Base, Tianhe District has been designated to award the Tiangong Technology Overseas Academy the titles of “Tianhe District National Cultural Export Base” and “Tianhe Central Business District National Digital Service Base Overseas Academy.” This collaborative effort aims to drive the development of cultural trade and digital trade in Tianhe District, facilitating the high-quality overseas expansion of Chinese culture and brands. The Overseas Academy is a one-stop overseas knowledge platform under Tiangong Technology, and in the future, the three parties will jointly provide a professional platform for exchange and learning, as well as a platform for resource sharing for professionals in the field of overseas expansion, offering robust support for Chinese enterprises’ journey abroad.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. As the digital economy ushers in a new wave, the new generation of information technology, represented by big data and artificial intelligence, is profoundly impacting the global socio-economic development landscape. Tiangong Technology is deeply involved in this transformation, working alongside industry peers to jointly drive product and service iteration and upgrade, helping more Chinese brands achieve high-quality global development.